I wondered if I was the only one

wondering if a reporter had not dipped into the eggnog before overwriting

Not fud, just worth remembering

I still recall our Brazilian friend hysterically packing up to move back home during this frenzy. Nothing since 9/11, my ass. 

Not fud, just infuriating

And he had the unmitigated gall to tack an MRI onto his "sympathy" tour. Can Jan. 21 come fast enough? 


of all internet traditions -- newly minted in particular.

No accounting

for traditions.


Bad enough the errors were on what looked to be a blog post. In print? I guess all the layoffs were not just on the letters page


Not fud, just illuminating

He ain't stupid, he's their leader. Donkeys never forget. 

Christmas makes people

fucking crazy. This is actually a pretty good story, but what a waste -- all that effort for no good cause. And 11 pounds of butter for 500 dozen cookies? Talk about loaves and fishes. . . 


Go, internets

For some reason this post -- and the comments it elicited -- gives me absurd hope that the stories behind the promotions will finally be told. Eat your almonds, they said, and next thing you know we have a Torturer in Chief. 

I would say leave dog food to dog experts

but it might be better put: Leave food to food experts. 

(Filched from Romenesko)


debunking will not prevent a million stories on curing hangovers . . .

Compared with muddled butter

short & smart. History as lagniappe.

Not fud, just LOL

Krugman condensed.

And if food is art

the nominee would have to be melamine in the baby formula?


is a sad season for the rich.


Not fud, just good

And the steaming pile in the middle of the definition of sociopath is the guy running around polishing his legacy while trashing the country and getting trashed in torture reports. 

Proving there is no such thing

as bad publicity, at least he got his pelt back today

The 60-minute

scandal that will probably last eight years.

Not fud, unless you count

the gutted sections. 

Not fud, just grim

The Big O is going to need one hell of a shovel to clean out the Chimp's stable. 

All fattened up

and ready for tinfoil. 


Not fud, but excellent

Socialist in chief (and it is telling that everyone takes Medicare and it's a fight with Blue Cross).

Drunk dialing

The guy hasn't changed in eight years. And Panchito coulda warned people. . . 

Once upon a time

saying this would have gotten a writer covered in simian feces. Today it's just accepted as fact. 

Next up

Palin on a tortilla

A long way from bargain lobster

One chilling detail after another -- $2.13 an hour in 2008? 

The medium

is almost as good as the message. I also like that moths flew out of his DI/DO, too. 

Not fud, but telling

The one advantage formerly arboreal media apparently has, and the NYT decides to tuck Sports into another section so you can't throw the damn thing out. 


and bailouts


Not fud, but literally dead-on

In The Know: How Can We Make The Iraq War More Handicap Accessible?

Imagine one day

lighting up a joint at Starbucks. Would it make Tijuana any less bloody? 

Not fud, but almost revolutionary

Imagine adding a reporter with expertise on another beat to a dull political story. You actually get expertise and context


in Mumbai kitchens

Not fud, but thank allah

someone said it, and incredibly well. Everyone's dancing around as if she only got the aftermath wrong. The sumbitch was eating pretzels at the switch. 

Not fud, but LOL

I may need to fill in my Kingsley Amis blanks. 


All we have to fear

is care itself. (Fud connection? WTF? You eat, you need.) 

Until Jamie Oliver crosses over

I think "foodies" should leave the decision-making to the O Team. 

Calling Martin Parr

See more Adam "Ghost Panther" McKay videos at Funny or Die

(Filched from the unlikeliest snark trove)

Not fud, but truly excellent

And you'd never know it from reading the "liberal" MSM. 

Funny how wrong

resonates more than right. I would never have heard of these if they'd been tasteful. 

Is it any easier

if it's food insecurity rather than the H word? (Saw this in the Journal of "lucky duckies," not the NYT.) 

Not fud, but excellent

I was wondering how you can "create" a legacy in the last dirty days of the most incompetent reign ever. I was looking for the wrong hero in the piece. 


of the day


Recycle the red covers

'cuz they're worthless. Admittedly, I have not been to Hong Kong since it was on the verge of being handed over, but if this is really the one three-star on offer let's all head to Flushing. 

While Alessandra Stanley

sniffs the old Clinton panties. . . 

Once upon a time

this would have been spit out in a phone call, not published. Go, series of tubes. 


travel & drinkin'

A little too close

to potential reality.

Not all news is bad

The true price of cheap chicken. Imagine that corn converted into soda! 

What are they doing

at the Food Shitty

Not fud, but so apt

Isn't there a monkey house waiting in Dallas? 




not brain food

Get out your duct tape

The Thanksgiving hysteria on the internets is truly astonishing this year. It's only a turkey dinner, for yams' sake. Yet every online (and formerly arboreal) outlet is treating it like Y2K all over again. I hate writing about it, but I love doing it because it is totally the easiest meal of the year. Heed what you read elsewhere at your own risk.

Not fud, just LOL

Ordering from pictures

on the menu. Not much light in this tunnel.

Not fud, but good

Giving differently abled ducks a bad name.


Not fud, unless you crave


Not fud, just a taste

of how embarrassing the next few years could be. Nailin' Palin, indeed.

The view from the top

But I disagree about meat. People will give up orange juice first because over-subsidized flesh is just too cheap.

Kick her

while she's dumb.

Chocolate news

Not fud, just excellent

Race to the bottom

when McDonald's becomes the role model for presidential elections. . .

(And having been pilloried my whole life for my first and last names, I know it's not nice to make fun of others', but doesn't Eagleburger sound like something the Caribou Killer would eat? No wonder he did a skinback.)

Porn sells

Especially food porn. This could work.



Tuscan candidates

Brunello: "When young, unstable; when older, unreliable." Sounds like the guy everyone wanted to have a beer with eight years ago. 

Be afraid

These are considered improvements on the deep-fried Twinkie. Alligators die for state fair fare? 

Not fud, but perfect

How much do clothes cost for a paper doll

Not fud but good

Toles. And Keefe.

I always wonder

if I were on the hate train if he were American, but he seems to be fighting the good fight. 

The power of positive eating

May be flawed, but it's a start -- "fizzy diet drinks" score higher than hot dogs. 


One root

of the evil that is McSame: my native and his adopted state

More on Wasilla beer

Sullivan is right about who else is being outed in this election. And I can trace the beginning of the end to the Reagan years, when an editor at the NYT came charging over to the copy desk after seeing a story on feeding the homeless in DC: "We can't run this! It makes Washington sound like Calcutta." 

Goodbye, truth. Hello, Chimp and worse. Karma's a bitch. 

Not fud, just excellent

The vocal minority dissected. 

The Wild Man

of Fairway speaks. 

Not fud, but LOL

The First Prop

Unclogging the kitchen drain

with a tool stuck in it. 

Not fud, just clearing the record

Hypocrisy, your name is Caribou.

All the beer qualifies this as food