Not really fud

but rather fascinating. Mrs. Chimp at this point was firmly ensconced in her chair with ashtray at hand.




the new Dubai.

(Filched from MenuPages Chicago -- we only get the Daily News on Sunday to keep up with murders NYT does not consider news.)


No chickenshit

Sherlock. This, unfortunately, only hints at how figures lie and liars figure. Meantime, might be best not to complain about the high price of clean chicken at farmers' market. I'd think. (Photo is also absurdly romantic, too, given how chickens really are raised these days.)


Govt catching up to trends. It's what's for dinner. Goat, not trends.

Gullible Americans

always thought you had to drink the bottled water in Eutopia. Then again, my consort and I got very sick in a chateau in the Loire after drinking the tap stuff no one else did. 


is on a roll this week.


Memoir & review both


It's not the news

it's the notion. You just gotta wonder where the editors were. (Why one guy getting endless tickets? Who mans 24/7 cart? What is the deli's defense against "instead of" prices that once would have been neutrally set up as "compared" ["with," not "to" -- very different meanings to a copy editor].)

Teh stupid

it fucking burns. Trans fats in lard. All you need to know about how cretinism is not restricted to birdcage liners. 


I'll still eat the stuff

but finally with a guilt smidge -- never worried about the ducks. 

No Dijon mustard

at Denny's? 

Not fud, just smart

One post among many: insurance v health care.

Not fud, just insightful

especially if you consider how universal health care might keep restaurant patrons safer than those disgusting latex gloves. 

You don't want 'em in your kitchen

but in a photo show, absolutely.


is on the way. Scariest part of travel is dreading being wedged against fattest slob in departure lounge.