Brain bleach

for anyone who still has a naked Kissinger stuck in his/her cranial sieve. 

Not fud, just galling

From the WSJ funny pages

Greenwald puts the blame where it belongs, too: It's "more about our political culture" than about the vile one. But it also says a lot about modern media. Maybe my memories are too misty, but once upon a time crapola like this would been aborted before the linotype guys ever saw it. 

Not fud, just pretty good

Too bad there can't be a role for "Joe" the "Plumber." 



When salmonella is the problem

the solution is always: Buyer, be more careful. Cleaning the crap system up? Not an option. 

When breath mints



It's all about

the alimentary canal.

Not fud, just the first good laugh

in a full week. 

Not fud, just extremely cathartic

Jury duty for all.

Maybe the world

would heal without humans

More drunken

elephants. A herd of them.

There's pork

and then there's piggishness

(Gleaned from the Carnival.)

Anyone else

find it odd the all-American crop was from China? So much for organic. 



as fondue. 


the birdcage liners: The food angle? A click on a strip club/steakhouse review helps underwrite a long tome on Obama's food policy. Oh. Wait. That would all be Alice and speculation and clicks of the first kind. 


Fountain of sorrow

My own private remorse.

Plus one, from 14 years ago.

It's all in

the menu writing

Not really fud, but skewering

WFT happened to a press corpse that once would have done this skewering

I wish

this was better-written, but it needs to be said.

New emblem

for Wall Street

The earliest photos

are the most revealing

Not fud, just obvious

Reporters are bend-over boys only for Republicans

We live

in a ridiculous country. 

Echoing Digby

This really is the quote of the day if not week.