Tuscan candidates

Brunello: "When young, unstable; when older, unreliable." Sounds like the guy everyone wanted to have a beer with eight years ago. 

Be afraid

These are considered improvements on the deep-fried Twinkie. Alligators die for state fair fare? 

Not fud, but perfect

How much do clothes cost for a paper doll

Not fud but good

Toles. And Keefe.

I always wonder

if I were on the hate train if he were American, but he seems to be fighting the good fight. 

The power of positive eating

May be flawed, but it's a start -- "fizzy diet drinks" score higher than hot dogs. 


One root

of the evil that is McSame: my native and his adopted state

More on Wasilla beer

Sullivan is right about who else is being outed in this election. And I can trace the beginning of the end to the Reagan years, when an editor at the NYT came charging over to the copy desk after seeing a story on feeding the homeless in DC: "We can't run this! It makes Washington sound like Calcutta." 

Goodbye, truth. Hello, Chimp and worse. Karma's a bitch. 

Not fud, just excellent

The vocal minority dissected. 

The Wild Man

of Fairway speaks. 

Not fud, but LOL

The First Prop

Unclogging the kitchen drain

with a tool stuck in it. 

Not fud, just clearing the record

Hypocrisy, your name is Caribou.

All the beer qualifies this as food



or shit with broken glass in it? 

Or, put another way. . . 

She has no family

Why stoop so low to put food on it?

Not fud, just scary

Come to think of it, though, maybe it's more Republican election fraud: This would give pregnant women two votes. 

Not fud, but good

Can one defense of Muslims atone for so many deaths? 

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Rather fascinating

How a blind cook cooks. 

(Filched from the Boy Wonder

Not fud, just good

An excellent summation of the craziness Bill (WTF Am I Doing in the NYT?) Kristol exemplifies. 


Okay, now it's serious

Forget baby formula. When the shit's in the willy spread, we've got trouble. 

Not fud, just scary

Judging by the neck, the "hot" preceding "chicks" must refer to menopause. 

Not fud, just evil

These guys must really believe there will be shopping malls in hell. 

Epitaph? Cheesed

But why are they called nachos instead of Carmens



Not fud, but well put

I had the same reaction

Torino, discovered again

But the kicker has to be the most horseshit ever tacked onto a story. How in the world would a writer know what older people were going home to dream about in a city where she can't pronounce the pasta names? (Also like the reference to panini sandwiches. Sorta like frutta fruit. Copy editors need to get out more.) 

Not fud, but pretty good

Or, the circus without the bread. 

Maybe if we called it


Moon Pie

and an RC Cola.


Who do you have to blow

to get a Times obit these days? Maybe the guy shoulda marketed wine. 


in a chicken basket.

I want

what the ad guys were having. 

I always wondered

what the Chinese factory workers were thinking. . . 

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I thought this

was a parody. A day's worth of calories in one little gulp

(Filched from Wonkette, which had the legit link, too)

Not fud, but revealing

All the countries where we will not be welcome if McSame steals it.

Of course the first response

will probably be to produce more drugs rather than focus on the food

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Not fud, just appalling

What does it say about a party that it can't win unless it cheats


If the restaurant blogs were televised

it might sound like this, but more circular. 

I wonder if the guy

who takes a motorcade to the Starbucks in Sedona is aware of this. Only arugula is elitist, though. 

Just back from the grocery store

where the only sale posters anymore advertise beef and other meat, and I found this excellent take.

Now this

is good.

Not fud, unless your sink is clogged

Shades of Long Dong.

Sorta fud

but very good.

World Food Day

in photos.


Now give him

a genius grant

(Gleaned from the blogger who never sleeps)

Not fud, just abuse

of most senses


the meat. Moose, that is. 

Best redesign

in donkeys' years. Go, Mug. 

Not fud, but the best

reaction to the Nobel for the loneliest truth-teller

Throw enough money at a food

and it will get healthier and healthier and healthier. (Yeah, I know it should be "more healthful," but that doesn't read.) 

Dissing Ferran Adria

I'm not alone in my amazement at the stunt Sunday Sillies allowed. Forget the post. Go straight to the comments. 

Not fud, but LOL

Parody that is uncomfortably close to reality. 

Talk about missing the point

Finally, a story comes close to revealing why all street fairs are alike. But rather than talking about the unnamed "three production companies," it natters on about whether or not people like the damn things. Maybe they should have killed Metro rather than simply burying it. 

The other side

of the alternative to high-fructose corn syrup. 

Not fud, but acidic

When you've lost Hitchens . . . 

Not fud, but excellent

The Editors come through again. Do not, though, click on the video. Do not. 

The first depression

with all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4.99. 

Another day

another nutrition report that omits a crucial detail: Who paid for the study advocating Vitamin D supplements? 


Well, at least it's not all

ignitable farts. Stupid talk prevails. 

I think she's found a cure

And not a chemical, geographical cure, let alone sugar or shopping, drinking or dropping. 

(Filched from Altercation, where Fridays are the best days)

Let's hope

the citizenry can afford pumpkins in a few weeks. They weren't cheap at the farmers' market this a.m. 

Not fud, but reasoned

His novels are great. His thinking may be catching up. 

The end of roadside eating

as we know it? What amazed me in researching a story this week was how expensive these mass-market restaurants are. Fifteen dollars for an effen chicken Caesar? 

For real perspective, though, click through the slide show. Yikes. 

Headlines you're not reading here

"The queues for free bread are getting longer"

And this says it all. 

One more blooming onion

for the road. 

(Filched from the Aristocrats)


Not fud, but scary

How do they cram the genie back in the bottle once they've lost and go back to their multiple homes? Pow's sugar mama can always steal drugs to get her through the night. What the hell are we supposed to do? My friend's casita in Uruguay is going to be as crowded as the A train. . . .

Blame the Simpsons

for lulling us into thinking the eavesdroppers on our payroll were only picking up pizza orders in their snooping. At least in "The Lives of Others" they didn't laugh. 

Not fud, but LOL

And I found it just after a radically brave cookbook author emailed to say she had just eaten testicles in Paris and when I was just wondering whether to write Pow McSame to ask: Finally, have you no sense of dignity? 

Not fud, but the best summation

of how incomes rank in this banana republic these days. 

Is it my imagination

or is the white daughter eating for two? Mom must be so hungry she's turning uglier. 

Not fud, but worthy

Just unfortunate that this did not have to happen. One little man has destroyed so many lives. 


Shades of

"Five Easy Pieces." Could be a whole parody here.

When tamales collide

Who knew New Orleans was a hotbed of what I grew up eating in Arizona? Be interesting to see how the real deal evolves there with immigration. 

(Gleaned through links starting with Marco on a photographer who put his life to amazing use) 

Not fud, but excellent

Lord knows.  

(Both filched from the fearless Dan Froomkin)



The equivalent

of, if this is late September, we must run Joan Nathan. 

I'm not going to link

to the travesty, but I will say: Johnny Rotten he is not. 

This loser who sold us the Chimp eight years ago this time should be in stocks in the American town square, pelted with rotten tomatoes if not simian feces, not given front-page space to babble. Too bad he can't be shipped back to Texas, too. Some of us are neither forgetting nor forgiving

Not fud, just valuable

And to think we have 103 more days of the fucker

Not fud, just funny

Idea of the week.

A diversion

from the grimness