Not fud, just right


Rotten vegetables

and flying feces. Sounds like a plan.

But no Molto


Either it changed, or I did

because this place was pretty bad last time I went. Still sad to see it go; where else did the bartenders always greet me every few years as if I came in every night? (Note to the misty-eyed, though: In the mid-80s Columbus was anything but "a rough stretch." Can you say Silver Palate? We fled north in '86 because it was too trendy to navigate anymore.) 

(Filched from Eater

Not fud, just scathing

But she is a worthy successor to the whipped dog last foisted upon us. 


I thought this shot

of Newman's Own's founder looked familiar. For some reason it's missing the Bob Sacha credit/Life magazine September 1988. 

Fighting tooth

and fork. We know where he was eating. 


flies. Although I have zero recollection of either Lean Cuisine or Yoplait the year we immigrated. 

I think cholesterol

would be the least of your worries.

Not fud, just scathing

Go, Rude. 

On the bright side

at least the space will not be taken over by another WaMu or Wachovia.

The meat machine

is breaking down.

(Filched from Daily Dish)

Not fud, just worthy

Art for Obama auction.


As someone spending more on doctor bills

than restaurants anymore, I kinda like this idea.

Not fud, but excellent

A little history is a very good thing. He's toast. 

Not fud, just LOL

And it might actually work.

Not fud, just gag-worthy

Personally, I've had about enough of "leaders" who laugh at their subjects. 


for Obama


Now it's serious.


shot. Or stupid. 

Not fud, but good

Drill away

Not fud

Just true. Fool us once . . .


Not fud, but sobering

The merde touch spreads. 

But it's not totally hopeless

And Jeebus, where has this woman been hiding her fire while the fur-clad fraud has been hogging the limelight? (Filched from Driftglass.) 


The incredible

shrinking food world view

Whatever nasty disease we have

it's catching

Not fud, just disturbing

We the people may be getting sunk into debt up to the next generation's eyeballs. But Per Se will always be booked.

Long but chilling, with this kicker:

"What I do know is that an injustice so grave and extreme that it defies words is taking place; that the greatest beneficiaries are those who are most culpable; and that the same hopelessly broken and deeply rotted institutions and elite class that gave rise to all of this (and so much more) are the very ones that are -- yet again -- being blindly entrusted to solve this."


that food has more meaning than fat chefs grandstanding. 

Not fud, but compelling

If I hadn't already decided, a $500 savings would persuade me

Not fud, but damning

He does whatever his captors want. 

Update from Anonymous Liberal by way of Steve Benen:

"Then again, if we bring the same approach to health care that we brought to the banking industry, maybe in eight years or so, our health care system will completely collapse and the government will have to step in and take over. Voila! A national health care system. Brilliant." 

Rather good


First they came

to the kosher slaughterhouse. . . .

Not fud, but I'm starting to envision

Ronee Blakley. . .  (In character, of course. And with McSame getting escorted off instead.) 

Heckuva job

The Sequel

Not fud, aside from the bananas in the republic

At least we already know what it's like to live with a Third World health care system.

Good news for slaughterhouses

Obama Promises To Stop America's Shitty Jobs From Going Overseas

Not fud, just karma

being a bitch

More proof

of evolution, at least in food reporting: A lard story not limited to good fat, bad fat. 


Not fud, just scary

Maybe we should be talking about how being without a kitchen table for 5 1/2 years sorta robs you of your integrity. Most dishonest campaign ever. 



shit. When I first started writing for a newspaper as a sophomore in high school, I could never have imagined this. Great name for a wine shop: The Fifth Estate.


on an ego surf, my kind of crankiness.  

The only surprise

is why Martha has not started another magazine. 

(Filched from the best

Dove Bar

revival. (Click through the ad.) 



Who can think about fud

beyond apples on street carts

Not fud, just says it all

"Conservatism is a luxury we can no longer afford."


Dicks down

the worst cookbook title ever. Are the two dudes not aware of the internet traditions

Better late

than never. Just found this and am more convinced than ever that she is not a pit bull in lipstick but a Go-Fuck-Yourself in drag. That said, the bigger threat is the the crazy creep who found her on vpilf.com. 



This explains

who makes ads for McBush: Zombies who will sell anything for a salary. (Call them Lysol-loaded douche bags.) 

Hope we all

like the taste of dog food

Not fud, just sad

I'm so old I remember when the refrain was, "When will they ever learn?" The answer's pretty clear. 

End times

Forget the bacon. Deep-fried guacamole

(Filched from the Sideshow)

If only

this was all funny. 


Thai style. 


Talk about


(Come for the food. Stay for the ephelant. If this is what they're doing in college, no wonder old pharts are getting canned right and left.)

What's astonishing

is that the bar is set so low, and the shitstorm still erupts from meat producers. 

Not fud, just the best

Caribou Killer take yet.

All that eating in Italy

didn't do Panchito much good

"There are a few exceptions to the decline of Chinese food in U.S. urban centers. . . . We read recently about a reputedly excellent new place in the city's Garment District, but on closer inspection, Szechuan Gourmet turned out to be a sloppy, indifferent rendition of the great, hearty food of the earthquake-plaged province . . . The ma po dou fu at Sezchuan Gourmet was muddy in flavor, beef-starved, with barely a shred of green." 

"A curly cable

on the torta della nonna." Nobody meanders more purposefully. 

Ketchup and beer

Not fud, just useful

for the first digital election

White bread

and circuses.


I'm totally anti-kid

but this is nice. 

My candidate

for the Darwin award. 

I'd almost pay cash money

for one of these classes. Guess which.

I think the first comment

says it all.


full of buns.


can I say?

Not quite

a banana, as someone said she resembled.

Not fud, just LOL

What to expect next

Not fud, just smells

like salmon.

If it weren't so scary, it would be sad.

Not fud, just enlightening

As the Brits see it. Why do the Goddites not believe in one nation under?


He listens.

He really listens. And then some

Not fud, just revealing

The content of his character. (Should be "sank" his campaign, though.)

Not fud, but pretty good

Except I'm sure it will all turn out as usual: IOIYAR. 


it all. 




activism. I signed. 



One that got away

Good piece on Indians going back to their native diet for health reasons. But I wonder what they used for vegetable oil thousands of years ago. 

Making the Lump in the Bed

look classy.