I never liked the store; it always smelled sorta funky, and I have had more than one run-in with clerk-with-attitude. But it is an institution, and Citarella should not be the survivor. 


Monica said...

I never liked the new location. When it was on the West Side of Sixth Avenue, Jefferson Market was a real old-fashioned grocery store. Wooden shelves, small selection, decent prices, friendly help. It was a good place to stop on my way home from the Jefferson Market library. Ever since it moved across the street to spacious quarters with garish lighting, things were never the same.

Gastropoda said...

You're right about the move -- I can't remember the writer who nailed Dean & Deluca when it moved into that huge space in SoHo: you destroy a cornucopia when you spread it out. But it actually was always on the east side of the street, just in a smaller space (maybe farther north). I was always amazed that it survived so close to Balducci's, but then I always patronized them both when I had recipe development expense accounts, because one was better than the other for any number of things. Manhattan is disappearing right around us. We'll be left with nothing but Fresh Direct before long.