Yes, I'm a bitch

But I have to say I can like someone without condoning behavior. That's what editors are for.


Monica said...

I'm impressed that someone took the trouble to trace a phrase back more than a decade, to (God forbid!) before the Internet.

On the subject of Squanto: Forgive my ignorance, but is that where we got the word "squash" from?

Does one have to operate a restaurant to be considered the "Mother of New American cooking"? If not, I'll nominate you as the "wet nurse." (That's a compliment, honey!)

Gastropoda said...

I was a little frightened that my brain actually might have retained as much as the Google. Sorta sad to see her exposed -- at the party we just came from a restaurant pro suggested I sell an annotated version of Gastropoda, but this proves all the fun dissipates from it when you spell out the dirty deeds.

I forget the tribe that coined it (Narragansett?), but squash comes from a word meaning "a green thing eaten raw." Don't ask. Always loved the name Squanto, though.

Wet nurse, though, is scary. . .