Not fud, just revealing

And to think eight years ago we were supposed to bow to a boyfriend snuffer. Go, Hillary, too. 

Kudos to the Chicago Tribune

for this, but what a brutal assignment. Food is the ultimate moving target. Even growing all your own, including olive trees, would not solve all the problems created in the thousands of years since the first fire seared off a nice slow-moving game animal. And not every picture tells the story. Can you say free-range pigs? 

Domino's with extra boogers

& perspective

Time for the Pork Board

to commission a new study. Factory farms are trouble with a capital T. 

So much for industrial hogs

being safer than "free-range" swine. 



meet the world beyond the dinner table. 

MR. KRIST: Sharing a little of yourself is always the best way to go. If you're in a market, buy a little sample of what they're selling, try it, comment on it, and by the time that interchange is over they're smiling and ready when you bring your camera up. The last thing you want to do is try to sneak pictures, because you will get caught.


More than you ever wanted to know

about hairballs in the digestive tract. 

Typhoid Mary

will not be taking a day off from the kitchen in this country.

Let the guessing games begin

Who was that bitchy woman


minds. . .


the de Cecco

One woman's pork

is another's pound of prevention

One obit

Biff Grimes should have written. This is pretty effen lame.

The long udder

of the Camorra.



and hot dogs. Kinda like it.

I'm not going to link

because I hate to drive traffic to them, but the Maroons have really outdone themselves this time, bitching that the food in Cuba is too boring, only rice and beans and pork and chicken. Did they ever stop and consider why that might be? Ugly Americans and fat, to boot. (And WTF is with the bitters in the mojitos? And I assume ice was okay even though salad was too risky?) 

Giving new meaning

to "engulf and devour." 

Taking stock

as a professional eater and coming up a loser: Have only eaten at eight of the 50.


Not fud, just good

Pandering to the fringe -- where's that gotten newspapers? 



Holy crap

Woman's Day? I just look at those and think of coffee going cold, though. 

(Filched from David Lebovitz via Facebook.) 

Not fud, just funny

And what all kids inheriting this earth will need to get by.

Speaking of copy editors

Count the screw-ups, starting with the villains in the piece ending up with a company. Jeebus White. 

On a high horse

with no copy editor. Fieri, Ferari, let's call the Pollen off. 




I think Larry Craig

does this.

(Filched from Eschaton)


we're talking. If only the MTA would do the same, with those guys who sit with their legs in two ZIP Codes as well. 

Bad enough they're meeting

on communal (socialist) property. But it's as if the planners of the Iraq invasion were in charge.

Not fud, just great

Fools with megaphones, the most dangerous kind. 

Good point

but exempting diet sodas is absurd. Tax 'em all. 


of their wines and other indulgences is almost as annoying



The trash

that keeps on trashing. Water bottles are like diamonds. 

Not fud, just damning

Political journalists: Puppets with delusions of independence. 


of the testicles."


Okay. Farmed mussels

from freshdirect, $50 extra needed for delivery, it will be. (Tip: Skip ahead past the genuflection.) 


While I'm distracted

this is sudsy. It would be one thing if the wannabe militia actually did the goddamn dishes. 


April Fool's

forever. I hope

Prepare to meet

your accountant. Hmmm. 

Also not fud, just great

S.I. Hayakawa must be so proud, wherever the fuck he is. 

Not fud, just encouraging

It would be enough that he's articulate after eight years of chimp noises. Vision is the bonus. (Can I say it again, that Typhoid Mary was a cook and that health care for everyone might not be a ridiculous idea?) 

Sorta fud

if you think potatoes. Nicely done. 

Why is a country addicted to hot dogs

so squeamish? Now Detroit is the new Flint, 'coon the new rabbit. (Skip the video unless you like your racism with ham.) 

What's beyond


A man

after my own liver