And that mythical 3-cent discount

at Gourmet Garage won't do a thing about the Everests of plastic bags.

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Monica said...

Hey, it's a start. Ireland's tax on plastic bags, which started out at 15 cents U.S. and has gone up measured in dollar terms because of the tanking greenback, lowered consumption of plastic bags by 95 percent, according to media reports.
Here's one link to an article on the issue: http://wasteage.com/news/waste_irelands_tax_plastic/
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I say: Kudos to Gourmet Garage. Maybe someone's listening in Albany, though I doubt it, given the legislature's failure to extend the 5-cent bottle bill tax to the containers for all those sugary drinks that kids imbibe.
I guess Joe Bruno was too worried about Eliot Spitzer's spies to try and save New York State's environment.

jenny said...

just so you don't think your words go unread...i love you, regina schrambling.

a fan in brooklyn

Gastropoda said...

It would be a better start if they actually gave the 3-cent discount. I have yet to be credited at any of the stores and I travel everywhere with my http://baggubag.com/ Zabar's, on the other hand, gives you 15 cents off and compliments you on whatever you're packing. I hate scams, even for pennies.

Monica said...

Thanks for setting me straight on the Gourmet Garage bag scam. Of course, I had no idea that Zabar's is doing the right thing since I live in the land of big-box stores, farmers' markets, and the notorious Cold Spring Foodtown, where the Patakis sent a government employee to do their grocery shopping. Leave it to Gastriques to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, bravo for Zabar's! Still think we need to get government on board to make real progress in this area.

Gastropoda said...

Jenny: Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm just trying to amuse myself (and seduce the Google).