Not fud, just "The Lives of Others"

Operators are standing by to hear your protests against letting the most reviled president in history get his way on spying on Americans. New York's senators in particular need a nudge. 


Monica said...

I see Hillary Clinton's on the list. Is she still a senator representing New York State? Maybe she suffered a memory lapse about this on the campaign trail.
I get a little annoyed when I hear people asking: "What's Hillary going to do now?" She's got a job as one of our senators, for God's sake!
It's time for her to get back to work. How about getting some federal funding for high-speed trains to connect New York City and the four Thruway (yes, that's how it's spelled!) cities (Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo) for starters? You know, the train that the late great Daniel Patrick Moynihan was pushing for, say, 30 years ago.

Gastropoda said...

She's back. Give her a call. Sounds as if the Senate may do its job.

And you are so right about high-speed trains, no matter what McLame thinks.