Don't think he's talking arugula

I suspect he means $48-a-pound mesclun. The meat should not cost less than the salad. Although I noticed just now that our neighborhood grocery store (really a bodega on steroids) has signs in the windows advertising only specials on beef, lamb and veal. Everything else must be priced out. 


Monica said...

I've had a glass of wine with dinner but I'm going to be VERY careful not to make any typos here.:)
First, excellent post on your part, and second, I love how members of the next generation of pundits ARE so photogenic (I've got my CopyEdit check on. Hey, somebody at Microsoft should market that as an update to SpellCheck!)
It's funny that you bring up Medicaid because I was talking to a freelance film type yesterday. When I asked her about her insurance, she replied off-handedly, "Oh, I've got Medicaid." That's the state of America these days.
On another topic, you will appreciate fellow Aquarian Pamela Cucinell's take on the irony of holding the Indy 500 on Memorial Day. It's a little late to be making this connection and passing it along to you, but Mercury is retrograde, after all!
Here's the link to Pamela's Indy/oil/death post:

Monica said...

Well, I guess I WAS tipsy because this comment was supposed to go on the Rachael Ray scarf item with the link to hunky Wonder Boy's photo, not the arugula item. Friends don't let friends blog drunk!

Gastropoda said...

And I must be hungover because I didn't notice. You can re-post in the right place if you like, because I don't know how to do much more than click "publish" on a comment. I even let you be a looksist when my crush is actually on Wonder Boy's brain. It's dazzling. Of course, that nickname could be considered agist. . .

Monica said...

A little eye candy never hurt anyone, says this ole lady! If the conservatives can drool over Megyn Kelly at Fox News, can't I cream in my jeans over Ezra Klein, a poster boy for liberalism? No need to repost; riposte is enough for me. Bada Bing!