Thinking out of the bottle

Why do I think something this intelligent would take five years to plan in Manhattan and one week in Albany to shoot down? Then again, are there even 12 working water fountains in this borough anymore? We can't even get these. (Filched from Tengrain.)

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Monica said...

This post and the one below on Spain's water problems have spawned a gusher of Google water-oriented ads on your blog.
Hey, there are some pretty good-looking water jugs out there.
I left my husband with a few gallons of water in Palm Springs in case the big one happens in the next three weeks before he returns to the East Coast. I instructed him not to tap those kegs unless nothing was coming out of the tap! Evidently, Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs have some of the best tasting water in the country, if you don't mind a little alkaline. But he's been conditioned to drink bottled water.