"In Spain, water is a new battleground"

Sounds grim, no?

But in America, doing something about it is "politically risky."

Who told this country it could have its cars and its future, too? While North Africa moves ever northward:

"The changes on the Almarcha family farm in Albanilla over the past three decades are a testament to that hotter, drier climate here. Until two decades ago, the farm grew wheat and barley, watered only by rain. As rainfall dropped, Carlo Almarcha, 51, switched to growing almonds.

"About 10 years ago, he quit almonds and changed to organic peaches and pears, 'since they need less water,' he explained. Recently he took up olives and figs, 'which resist drought and are less sensitive to weather'.''

If I were the investing type, I'd be putting my money on camels. Or at least their stem cells.

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Monica said...

This level of productivity is downright scary. How many posts in one day? Please don't burn yourself out. We need you here tomorrow and the day after! (From someone who frequently crashes and burns!)