Sunlight, held together by water

Thanks to the only wine writer whose wine writing is a must-read three times a week, I now know I have something in common with the evil one -- and it's not toilet paper in a crocheted doll in my bathroom.* We're both Tolerant tasters, according to the bud test. Considering I remember uncorking a Georgia peach "wine" with friends in a rental house in the Outer Banks when that was the last bottle standing at the end of the getaway, that's probably no surprise. Bottled poetry, limericks -- they're all good.

*Funny what you get when you search Youtube for Mondovino Robert Parker:


Alfonso Cevola said...

ah gee, thanks

Monica said...

Geez -- You must have been the last mind standing at the house on the Outer Banks because I had completely forgotten this anecdote. No doubt the arrival of the half-dressed volunteer fire department shortly after the conflagration on the lot next to the rental house has blocked the wine from my memory.

Marco said...

old wine in new bottles. or is it the other way around?

Gastropoda said...

Monica: Weren't you & Mark out of there while Terry, Wally & I hung on for the last drop overlooking the charred crater? Feels like another lifetime.

Marco: No bottles wasted here. Or wine.