Green at last, green at last

I never had this capability at the base camp, but I feel compelled to share the latest happy harbinger of summer cooking, after the return of Blue Moon fish to the Greenmarket: Keith is back for the season this Saturday and next Wednesday, on Union Square but up where the performance artists usually are. When I got the postcard I realized how much I give up garlic for winter because nothing is as good as the rocambole he grows (and I have tried everything Fairway imports, including the smoked stuff). Be there or eat acrid.


Marco said...

Last year was the first time we went to the Garlic Fest in Saugerties. I bought and planted German white, German red, Music and Rioja. The plants are looking very good. I have tried before but didn't do all the right things. There is nothing like fresh garlic. Now all I need is a roaster from Zabar's.

Cathy said...

Oh, I looked for Keith last Saturday and didn't see him! Good to know it was just my inept navigation.

I love Alex Villani's smoked bluefish.

Good news in our 'hood: Knoll Krest is now at the Columbus/77th St. market on Sundays. And Franca of Berried Treasures says she'll be there again in a few weeks.