Apparently there's some kerfuffle

over this. I first braved the kitchen when I was in single digits myself, with my schizophrenic, profoundly depressed mom calling out instructions on how to bake a cake as she lay smoking in bed. I'm all for kids cooking. Just don't shove them down my throat like they're Molto Egoettes. 


Paula said...

Hi hi hi-

Just wanted to let you know I thought the article was spot-on. I hope this didn't come across as critical, just trying to yuk it up a bit. Anyway, cheers-


opinioneater said...

Great article. There was always something about this "trend" that bothered me and I couldn't put my finger on it, but you did. It's all about context.

Gastropoda said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I took no offense from your post, and criticism never scares me. Yuks R Us, after all.

Wishing you big traffic! You're doing some great stuff over there.