not brain food

Get out your duct tape

The Thanksgiving hysteria on the internets is truly astonishing this year. It's only a turkey dinner, for yams' sake. Yet every online (and formerly arboreal) outlet is treating it like Y2K all over again. I hate writing about it, but I love doing it because it is totally the easiest meal of the year. Heed what you read elsewhere at your own risk.

Not fud, just LOL

Ordering from pictures

on the menu. Not much light in this tunnel.

Not fud, but good

Giving differently abled ducks a bad name.


Not fud, unless you crave


Not fud, just a taste

of how embarrassing the next few years could be. Nailin' Palin, indeed.

The view from the top

But I disagree about meat. People will give up orange juice first because over-subsidized flesh is just too cheap.

Kick her

while she's dumb.

Chocolate news

Not fud, just excellent

Race to the bottom

when McDonald's becomes the role model for presidential elections. . .

(And having been pilloried my whole life for my first and last names, I know it's not nice to make fun of others', but doesn't Eagleburger sound like something the Caribou Killer would eat? No wonder he did a skinback.)

Porn sells

Especially food porn. This could work.